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This time the folks at “Weapons of Math Destruction” have raised the spectre of the Follow Through study of early education models. The cartoon characters (has a ring to it, doesn’t it?) are examining a graph showing the results of a comparison of alternative models of instruction.
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WMD on constructivist math


Yep, those folks at “Weapons of Math Destruction” apparently do not find constructivist approaches to teaching arithmetic and mathematics palatable. In this cartoon, the school administrators have crossed out practice and skills and a parent is responding by preparing to (ahem) regurgitate or recovering from having regurgitated.

Follow this link to get to the full site where you can explore at your leisure.

WMD on calculators

WMD thumbnail

Well, as regular readers know, I sometimes check on the cartoons at Weapons of Math Destruction. I learned about this one yesterday. It’s about some fellows discussing an exorcism of a crazy character who maintains that students do not need to learn multiplication tables.

I have actually heard some mathematics educators contend that students should learn mathematics without reference to numbers. I can imagine how that’s possible, but I sure have a hard time understanding why it’s wise, let alone practical.

The image is linked to it, but you can get to the original on WMD from here, too.

Math cartoons

Yes, I have more important things to do than browse cartoons, but I just spent a bit of time looking at “Weapons of Math Destruction,” a string of cartoons conceived by Oak Norton and drawn by Bob Bonham. Many of these are a hoot.

Follow this link to get to the full site where you can explore at your leisure. Follow this link to read Mr. Norton’s account of how the cartoons came into being. Follow this link to see why I blame Barry Garelick for distracting me. Follow any link to Kitchen Table Math to see why I flash the old electrons at Catherine Johnson for keeping me informed.

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