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xkcd for your edification

Randall Munroe creates the xkcd comic, and he often includes insights about logic, mathematics, and science in his strips or other images. This is one of my faves, so I’m passing it along to readers as a gift.

xkcd on correlation

The image points to that particular cartoon. Once you’re there explore, or click this link to go to the home page and see the Mr. Munroe’s current cartoon.

Another ‘toon source

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A little levity is a good thing every now and again, no? So, as regular readers probably have inferred, I read cartoons. Recently I came across Mark Anderson’s Andertoons, which includes a selection about teaching, teachers, schooling, education, and etc. So, I took advantage of a script available from Mr. Anderson’s site to pull an illustrative cartoon into this post.
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Math cartoons update

After the recent posting of another Weapon of Math Destruction cartoon, I wondered how many I’d linked to from Teach Effectively, so I checked. There’ve been only seven posts. Here’s a set of links to those posts (in reverse chronological order; fifo):

  1. Math cartoons
  2. ‘Nother weapon
  3. WMD on calculators
  4. Bad math brain
  5. WMD on constructivist math
  6. WMD on FT
  7. Math murdered

Of course, one can go directly to the source, Weapons of Math Destruction (by Oak Norton and Bob Bonham), and see all of them.

Math murdered

Weapons of Math Destruction Comics
Math murdered

Over on Weapons of Math Destruction, Oak Norton and Bob Bonham have another fun cartoon. It shows a police officers examining an outline on (presumably) a street; the caption begins, “Common sense was seen fleeing the crime scene….”

Jump over there and have a look at it in a higher resolution.



This time the folks at “Weapons of Math Destruction” have raised the spectre of the Follow Through study of early education models. The cartoon characters (has a ring to it, doesn’t it?) are examining a graph showing the results of a comparison of alternative models of instruction.
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WMD on constructivist math


Yep, those folks at “Weapons of Math Destruction” apparently do not find constructivist approaches to teaching arithmetic and mathematics palatable. In this cartoon, the school administrators have crossed out practice and skills and a parent is responding by preparing to (ahem) regurgitate or recovering from having regurgitated.

Follow this link to get to the full site where you can explore at your leisure.

WMD on calculators

WMD thumbnail

Well, as regular readers know, I sometimes check on the cartoons at Weapons of Math Destruction. I learned about this one yesterday. It’s about some fellows discussing an exorcism of a crazy character who maintains that students do not need to learn multiplication tables.

I have actually heard some mathematics educators contend that students should learn mathematics without reference to numbers. I can imagine how that’s possible, but I sure have a hard time understanding why it’s wise, let alone practical.

The image is linked to it, but you can get to the original on WMD from here, too.

‘Nother Weapon

WMD thumbnail of cartoon number 90

The folks over at Weapons of Math Destruction released another in the long line of pretty-insightful-and-pretty-funny cartoons about education. Although I do not routinely use the term “educrats,” I see it often and understand its reference to educators who knowingly or unwittingly sustain ineffective educational practices. This cartoon captures an aspect of that idea, and it made me grin.

Link to a larger version

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