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In-service nightmares

I’ve posted a couple of entries decrying the the limp rigor and sorry quality of professional development for teachers. Having seen people attending some very good workshops recently when I was at the Reading First conference in Nashville (TN, US), I was reminded that I wanted to run a Bogus Bowl about the worst in-service sessions readers have seen.

So, I’m calling for nominations. Please send me accounts of the worst professional development sessions at which you’ve had to be present. Now, this will be a little tricky, so I’ve got to promulgate some rules for submissions.
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Bogus Bowl 4 closing soon

I’ll be closing the current Bogus Bowl pretty soon. You might remember that this BB, which is the 4th in the series, provided alternative answers for the question, “How do you know that [teaching practice] is effective?” Jump over to it, vote, leave a comment, see which answer has garnered the most votes, or just marvel at the very existence of Bogus Bowls.

Link to BB IV.

Bogus Bowl IV

This was a tough one to develop. Thanks to many suggestions from colleagues, however, we have a new opportunity to waste time.

[poll id=”7″]

To see the results of the previous poll, take a look at the original posting of it.

As with previous Bogus Bowls, please remember that the results of these polls do not provide credible scientific evidence; they simply reflect the opinions of the respondents. Also, note that some of the choices that got few votes in a poll might just re-appear in a future BB on Teach Effectively!; mayhaps we’ll have a challenge bowl about which was the most bogus question, too.

To see the results of all Bogus Bowls and other polls from Teach Effectively, please follow the link labeled “polls” in the top navigation element. Meanwhile, I welcome suggestions for topics for future Bogus Bowls. Just drop ’em in the comments.

Bogus Bowls update

Bogus Bowl III is closing and Bogus Bowl IV is about to open. Click here to vote in (or see the results of) BB III; voting is open until about 5:00 AM (US East Coast) 11 June. The new poll will appear in a post 11 June just after BB III closes.

Bogus Bowl II

O.K, folks, here’s a second installment in the Bogus Bowl. Bogus Bowl I will close Saturday night (9 Feb 08), so jump over there (click on “polls” in the top navigation element) and vote in the first one if you’ve not done so already. Then come back here and vote on this one…. Or vice versa.

In this one, we’re examing reasons that educators give for shirking what I’ve sometimes called the “instructional obligation.” It’s your chance to consider alternative rationales for not teaching.
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The bogus reform bowl

O.K, folks. Here’s your chance to vote for the first competitors in the Bogus Bowl. There are so many educational reforms that it’ll be hard to find the differences among them, but let’s start by considering these. Once we get some data about them, then we’ll match the winners (and the losers) from this competition with other reforms from other brackets.
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