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Some folks probably know how to reach us through back channels (e.g., John [at] JohnWillsLloyd [dot] com). Others might be interested in dropping a note without having to use e-mail. Here’s a page that’s open for comments so that those in the latter group can say, “Hey.” Folks may also leave comments here about Teach Effectively! in general, rather than having to find a post on which the comment might seem fitting.

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  • Roberta Schneider

    You mention that ADHD is considered a disability in the opening
    description of Teach Effectively! Do you consider it a physical or
    or mental disability, affecting both nuerological and behavior.
    Do you feel general ed teachers can provide accommodations?
    In your research do you feel that gen ed. teachers truly
    understand the nuerological disconnect? How long do you feel
    that parents, advocates of children with ADHD will have to
    try to convince teachers of this while trying to provide
    structure in the home etc.
    Thank you.

  • Howdy from South Texas,

    What do you know about The High School Redesign Project?

    Our school district is moving towards implementing the project and many of us are having our doubts. Mostly we are concerned with the effect it will have upon our students once they graduate from high school. We are not seeing a lot of evidence that the project is working in other school districts. In fact, we are getting the runaround whenever we ask for data on the project.

    We are a small group of teachers who are trying to educate our local community about the project. There are just too many unanswered questions.

    Any information you can send me will be appreciated.

    Daniel Lopez

  • Howdy, Daniel. I really don’t know much about the High School Redesign Project. As you and your colleagues probably have already learned, it’s the result of a collaboration between the National Conference of State Legislatures and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I do not know of any research testing it, but that’s to be expected because the project is relatively new and is so broad that it would be hard to test. Sigh.

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