We have a hot one

Over on Pragmatic Education Joe Kirby provides his take on

  • What makes a great education system?
  • What makes great teaching?
  • What makes a great curriculum?
  • What makes great training (CPD & ITT)?
  • What makes great assessment?
  • What makes great school leadership?

Mr. Kirby has a distinctly British view. One may have to learn some lingo specific to how folks in Great Britain talk about schools (this isn’t a criticism), but it’s well worth the effort. I’ve not dug through all of his posts, but I’ve read several, including these that will resonate with loyal readers of TE:

I’m virtually certain I’m going to find some entries with which I’ll disagree and some ways of posing ideas that I would recommend be shaded differently, but I’m betting that Mr. Kirby’s posts will provide a lot of fodder for my biases. Highly recommended. His blog is going in the side bar.

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