More free Funnix! It’s math this time.

The folks who brought us the give-away of Funnix Beginning Reading are doing it again! They’re giving away Funnix Beginning Math for free throughout the month of June 2011. Funnix Beginning Math is a 100-lesson computer program designed for children who have not learned beginning math operations. One can download the program from the Funnix site (see link at the end of this post). All of the components of Funnix Beginning Math are included in the download—100 animated, computer-based lessons; workbook materials; a teaching guide, including explicit directions for the teacher; and a placement test for assessing and placing the student.

Here’s how Jerry Silbert described the program:

Funnix Beginning Math is very user friendly. Like Funnix Reading, the math program is computer-based. Narrators direct the activities in each 35-minute lesson. A child or small group of children watch the computer screen with a parent or teacher. The children answer questions the narrator presents. The parent or teacher reinforces correct responses and directs the program to repeat parts that were difficult for the children.

Signing up for the free download is simple. All you do is fill out a form and submit it. You will than receive an email with all instructions on how to receive the program.

Funnix beginning Math is built on the principles of Direct Instruction, so it has critical programming features—scaffolding, strategy training, big ideas, etc.—wired into it. The Funnix website is, so jump over there and snag your own copy. There’s a limit of one copy per person, but you can tell you friends they so they can get their own.

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