Bogus Bowl IV

This was a tough one to develop. Thanks to many suggestions from colleagues, however, we have a new opportunity to waste time.

[poll id=”7″]

To see the results of the previous poll, take a look at the original posting of it.

As with previous Bogus Bowls, please remember that the results of these polls do not provide credible scientific evidence; they simply reflect the opinions of the respondents. Also, note that some of the choices that got few votes in a poll might just re-appear in a future BB on Teach Effectively!; mayhaps we’ll have a challenge bowl about which was the most bogus question, too.

To see the results of all Bogus Bowls and other polls from Teach Effectively, please follow the link labeled “polls” in the top navigation element. Meanwhile, I welcome suggestions for topics for future Bogus Bowls. Just drop ’em in the comments.

1 Response to “Bogus Bowl IV”

  • For those who are interested, I had many answers suggested by correspondents, and some of those answers don’t appear among the choices. Here are those that I omitted:

    • I like it.
    • It’s based on the latest brain research.
    • I saw it on Oprah.
    • I took a high stakes exam on it and passed.
    • I read about it in a book.
    • It sounded like it would work.
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