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Korea talks

Our tour of the Republic of Korea has been wonderful. The temples, the foods, and (especially) the people have been quite delightful. Although Pat Lloyd and I have been seeing some sights, I’ve also been meeting with special educators in Changwon, Busan, and Seoul.
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BEE cool

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE) from the Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education (CDDRE) at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD, US) provides a marvelous set of resources to help educators and the public understand effective practices. BEE, which is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences in the U.S. Department of Education, summarizes the results of meta-analyses or other integrative sumamaries that have examined the efficacy of curricula, computer applications, and instructional practices.
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Varying standards

US federal law requires that US states report the percentages of students who attain proficiency in reading and mathematics in 3rd through 8th grades. The percentages differ from state to state. In Mississippi 88% of 4th graders test as proficient, but in South Carolina only 35% of the 4th graders test as proficient. Does that mean that some states are doing a better job than other? Should everyone move her sons and daughters to Mississippi?
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CA RtI presentations

I was reminded recently of the series of presentations that the California (US) state departement of education hosted in 2006 about response to intervention. At the risk of turning Teach Effectively into an RtI-all-the-time site, I wanted to post a link to those resources here in case folks did not know about them. The site, which represents the results of a collaboration between the California DoE Special Education Division and Sacramento County (CA; US) Office of Education, provides Web-based training in understanding RtI. There are audio and video media. Start here.

More RtI

In October 2005 I presented an over-view of some issues related to response to intervention in special education to the Virginia chapter of the Council for Administrators of Special Education (Va CASE). The Va CASE folks posted the handout from that presentation on their Web site. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s available and may prove useful to one of the two or three readers of Teach Effectively! Snag a copy of the PDF from here.

Response to Intervention Presentations

In case you missed the earlier post regarding the series of presentations at the April 2007 meeting of the Council for Exceptional Children, here’s a reminder that you can obtain copies of the passouts for the presentations right here at Teach Effectively!
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