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I’m pleased to note that Janet Lerner was willing to post a piece to Teach Effectively. As most people in special education know, Professor Lerner is a pioneer in teaching students with disabilities. In one of my first classes about special education, I was assigned Professor Lerner’s book on Learning Disabilities. It’s a great honor to have her as a contributor to Teach Effectively. Professor Lerner will be posting as “JanetL.”

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  • I have 2 children with LD, Nuel
    (11) with PDD Nos and his brother Joel (9) disleksia. I,m so worry about they future because in Indonesia ,LD is not the priority to attention

  • Debbie, thanks for your comment. There is a great need for services in many areas of Earth, and your need in Indonesia shows this. To help your children advance and contribute to their own and the world’s prosperity, we need to have effective special education.

  • Respected Guru,
    This is Om Baniya, a student of psychology from Nepal. I am very interested to read your book, Learning disabilities: diagnosis and strategies.This book may help me in my study greatly. But, unfortunately no such books and literatures are available in neapal. Due to no banking facilities and credit cards, I am unable to order this book from aboard.
    Therefore I kindly request for help. You can help me by sending a copy of this book, if you have spare copy.
    Thank you very much.
    With regards!
    Om from Nepal.
    My mailing address:
    Om Baniya, MS(psy)
    Shankar Nagar-5,
    Driver Tole,
    Rupandehi, Nepal

  • I am really interested in Professor Lerners book , Learning Disabilitie theories and teaching stratigies. I am doing a child development assignment for my Foundation degree in child and adolescent mental health on a young child with a learning difficultie. Any ideas suggestion books would help.

    Regards, G

  • Respected Sir,
    This is Om Baniya from Nepal. I found your books in India. I have learned more from these books. Thanks for these books
    Thank you very much.
    With regards!
    Om Baniya from Nepal
    My Mailing address:
    Om Baniya
    Shankar Nagar-5/214
    Driver Tole
    Rupandehi- 32903

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