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Over on D-Ed Reckoning there is a post about an odor emanating from education research. The item was picked up in a post on NCLBLog: Let’s Get it Right, a product of the American Federation of Teachers, and I dropped a comment on that one about the evidence about effectiveness in special education practices.

Faithful readers of Teach Effectively (both of you!) know that I champion the idea that effectiveness can be assessed with strong empirical research and that data coming from those studies can be aggregated to assess relative effectiveness of educational practices. I’m republishing here parts of a Web site I created in the ’90s on this topic.

If you’re comfortable with the idea of meta-analysis, jump to the section labeled “Practices.” For a review of how to make those evaluations, please consult the links in “Introductory Materials” (in sequence).

Please review the published papers that examine this same literature (see Forness, Kavale, Blum, & Lloyd, 1997; Lloyd, Forness, & Kavale, 1998). There are many other meta-analyses that I’ve not had a chance to drop into this format. I need to create a new template and update the contents…arrrgh.

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  • I would like to read the details of the article “Effectiveness research” by JohnL on 8th June 2006, but none of the links seem to work.

    • Indeed! The folks who manage that server changed the paths since I posted the note originally. I’ll update the links. Thanks for the help.

      I really need to update the original slides that are shown at that site. There are many additional meta-analyses that have appeared since the the time when I created them, and they should be included in the list.

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