How well are schools doing

Consistent with Doug Carnine’s focus, here are resources that provide a means of examining outcomes at individual schools.

Most of them appear to use similar data (scores on state’s high-stakes tests or NAEP) and aggregate them by school, LEA, or SEA.

3 Responses to “How well are schools doing”

  • Here is another school data site supported by the U.S. Department of Education:

    Dave Malouf

  • Dave, thanks for adding to the list. It’d be interesting to determine to what extent these sources are working from the same data. I’d guess they must be, but I’ve not reviewed them closely enough to know.

  • Wow! As of 20 April 2015, I came back to this post to use the links. All of them but the one Dave had contributed by his comment were essentially useless. These reformers were no longer maintaining their Web sites or were only maintaining a shell. Bummer.

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